About Us


We are two friends who met while working at a big company in the heart of Corporate America.  And, that was great in lots of ways, but kind of like in a rear-view mirror-way.  The way you reminiscence about an ex years later.  The best part of it was that we found a true and lasting friendship in each other and something just as valuable- a discovery that we could work very well together.  It didn’t really matter the project.  If we did it together, it was always well done— and we had fun along the way.

So, when life threw a couple curveballs our way, we didn’t quit the game, we just changed the game.  We decided to start being real with our lives.  That meant focusing on things we love, like spending time with the people we love and doing things that we truly enjoy.  We love classic styles and we love jewelry too. LOVE it.  Just like you probably do if you’re still reading this. 

As we started exploring style and jewelry options, we found there was a need for more real jewelry—real gems and real metals.  Costume jewelry is fun, but it’s often costly and out-of-style by the time the credit card bill is due!  And, forget it if the piece breaks.  It’s basically garbage as you can’t get a jeweler to repair it because it’s not real. 

Fads are fun, that’s why they’re fads.  But, they don’t last— that's why they’re fads, too.  Looking stylish isn’t about succumbing to every trend every season.  There’s a classic beauty to some things… a great black dress, a white blouse, classic blue jeans.   The woman who’s always in style finds a way to incorporate classic with current to create her own unique approach.

This is basically what we’re trying to do at Melissa Dew.  Provide real jewelry, not plastic beads and colored metals, that is classic yet keeping with current trends.  We offer pieces that are designed to stand the test of time, yet still have a fresh new edge.  And, since it’s real sterling silver and genuine gems, the pieces are ones you can pass down to your daughter or nieces. 

So, explore what we have to offer and decide if you’re ready to be refreshingly real along with us.  We have enough to fake… let’s keep our jewelry real.