Summer Jewelry's time to shine

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I remember my grandmother and great-aunts waiting until Memorial Day to break out their ‘summer’ jewelry.  This consisted of primarily white enamel bangles, white stone earrings and beads with crystals and pale pastel stones.  I could still remember as a little girl holding my mom's hand and playing with her summer bangles.  

Times have changed- somewhat!  Gone are the days of putting away white clothes after Labor Day--  my Grandmother would gasp if she saw this fashion crime.  Yet there are still some gemstones and metals that tend to be even more flattering with summer wear. 

Rose gold is a great metal to compliment your summer look.  The metal is really less a true pink and more a soft bronze, which is reminiscent of the setting sun.  Think of rose gold doing for your complexion what a little bronzer does; it just highlights, warms and dazzles.


Sunset in Rosemont, features rose quartz set in 14k rose gold-plated sterling silver

A few of the stones that really sparkle in the summer sun are moonstone,  rose quartz, citrine, and the cool shades of chalcedony.  These stones also look great mixed together for a cool summery look.  Try them with your white jeans, cool maxi dress or short-shorts!  

Moonstone collection featuring Arm Candy, Sweet Simplicity, and Snowballs; Blue Chalcedony featured in Manicure Worthy and Declaration of Brilliance (pendant)



Modern meets Traditional in one Artistic Genius

Difficult gift-giving... SOLVED!

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