Difficult gift-giving... SOLVED!

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

One of the things we truly enjoy at Melissa Dew is helping a customer discover the perfect gift.  Sometimes its the husband who says "No matter what I get her, she returns it, so I've given up!"  or "Jewelry is too intimidating!"  

With Mother's Day fast-approaching, some of us are faced with the dilemma of what to get Mom... she seems to have it all and the hand-drawn portraits of our youth will just not cut it today!    

Here's some ideas to help you find the perfect gift- whether it's for your wife, best friend, or Mom!

  • the birthstone is a great choice- but here's a twist on it- try the birthstone of her child or maybe even the expected grandchild!  
  • a great idea for your wife or maybe your parent's anniversary- the stone of the month she married!  
  • jewelry featuring a gemstone known for a certain quality- if Mom's battling an illness or a very challenging time try hematite or blue chalcedony, both are known for absorbing negative energy and promoting healing
  • rose quartz is a fantastic choice for any lady because it's often called the "love stone", promoting love of all types
  • when all else fails, we have a great pendant called The Gift for the sole reason we think it makes a great gift.  The rectangle stone looks like a pretty package and it comes in a variety of stones, one that is sure to please any discriminating lady!  And, who doesn't love a big pretty gem?!

If you're still stumped, contact us... we'll make sure she loves her gift!

"The Gift", citrine




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