Earth-Sourcing: Mining gems and making jewelry

Posted on March 12, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

We recently got a question through our website from one of our admirers- she was interested in finding out where we got such lovely jewelry as she hasn’t seen anything quite like ours- at least in an affordable price range.  She even asked if we make our jewelry ourselves- a question that always makes us laugh a bit- the thought of us with tools and the patience to create these gorgeous pieces seems far-fetched!

No, we don’t hand-make these pieces, but we do have a small and talented team that designs our pieces.  Then, we have a number of jewelers contracted to actually make the pieces.  We even have a team member on the ground in Jaipur, India, where the majority of the earth’s gemstones are mined.  So, we are able to get regular updates on which stones are being mined beautifully (which means we can get multiple designs!) or which stones are poor quality (and which unfortunately means are not up to our standards so we can’t offer for a bit.)  This also means that we don’t regularly have large quantities of any one design. 

Dealing with Mother Nature does throw a wrench in things sometimes!  When we want a necklace with garnet and find out that the stones are sub-par and we may have to wait months for the mining to uncover better quality stones.  But, She has been so kind by giving us such overall variety of gorgeous gems from which to choose, we won’t complain too much...

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