2018 Jewelry Trends: Bigger, Bolder, Bling

Posted on January 24, 2018 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

The results are in, and more is very much more!

Jewelry journalists (yep, that’s a thing) are noticing a blinding barrage of bling everywhere. Layered pendants. Chandelier earrings. Multiple cuffs. The hippest of the hip are bringing it (all) on in surprising and exciting ways.

Not quite ready to add a foot-long, feathered single earring? Most of us aren’t. Actually, the styles you see on the runway are rarely meant to be emulated on the street.  Could you imagine the stares you'd elicit on your next Target run?

They do, however, give us some good starting points. Now is a great time to update your earring wardrobe with something big and bold. Something like our Downton Dewdrop or Bubbly, for example...

Check this examination of jewelry trends from the stylish folks at Harper’s Bazaar and let us know: how would you translate runway to reality?

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