Tarnished silver?

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If you've found that some of your favorite pieces of silver are tarnished, don't fret.  The good news is that tarnished silver is good quality sterling silver and it's actually quite easy to keep it clean and to prevent tarnish in the first place.

Just follow some simple tips and your silver will be shiny and worry-free!

  • Make sure it's dry and cool where you store your jewelry.  Keeping your silver jewelry in a pretty dish in your bathroom may be convenient at bedtime and when getting ready to go out, but the bathroom's moisture promotes tarnish.  
  • Instead, look for a tarnish resistant organizer to place in a dresser drawer or a closet shelf.  If you have a jewelry box or armoire, it's still a good idea to store your high quality silver in plastic baggies.  Sounds so very not-glamorous, but many jewelers and retailers keep jewelry in plastic before placing on display.  The plastic keeps out moisture and protects the jewelry from getting scratched and dull.
  • Ever notice those silica packs in handbags, shoes, etc?  They aren't safe to have around pets or children, but reuse packs next time by placing them with your sterling silver jewelry.  They'll help to absorb any moisture.  
  • When dressing, make sure you put your jewelry on last.  Cosmetics, perfumes and lotions can affect the metal's polish and promote tarnish.
  • At the end of the day, it's a great idea to have a soft cloth, preferably a silver polishing cloth, where you store your jewelry so you can easily wipe off the oils and surface dirt that may have settled on your silver throughout  the day.
  • Another item to consider adding to your jewelry storage area is anti-tarnish paper or strips.  These can be found at some jewelers and at a number of jewelry suppliers online.  
Following these simple steps will ensure your sterling silver will look great for years to come!

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