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Tarnished silver?

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

If you've found that some of your favorite pieces of silver are tarnished, don't fret.  The good news is that tarnished silver is good quality sterling silver and it's actually quite easy to keep it clean and to prevent tarnish in the first place.

Just follow some simple tips and your silver will be shiny and worry-free!

  • Make sure it's dry and cool where you store your jewelry.  Keeping your silver jewelry in a pretty dish in your bathroom may be convenient at bedtime and when getting ready to go out, but the bathroom's moisture promotes tarnish.  
  • Instead, look for a tarnish resistant organizer to place in a dresser drawer or a closet shelf.  If you have a jewelry box or armoire, it's still a good idea to store your high quality silver in plastic baggies.  Sounds so very not-glamorous, but many jewelers and retailers keep jewelry in plastic before placing on display.  The plastic keeps out moisture and protects the jewelry from getting scratched and dull.
  • Ever notice those silica packs in handbags, shoes, etc?  They aren't safe to have around pets or children, but reuse packs next time by placing them with your sterling silver jewelry.  They'll help to absorb any moisture.  
  • When dressing, make sure you put your jewelry on last.  Cosmetics, perfumes and lotions can affect the metal's polish and promote tarnish.
  • At the end of the day, it's a great idea to have a soft cloth, preferably a silver polishing cloth, where you store your jewelry so you can easily wipe off the oils and surface dirt that may have settled on your silver throughout  the day.
  • Another item to consider adding to your jewelry storage area is anti-tarnish paper or strips.  These can be found at some jewelers and at a number of jewelry suppliers online.  
Following these simple steps will ensure your sterling silver will look great for years to come!

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What's your go-to outfit this Fall?

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

Been away for awhile- getting back into routine can be exhausting, but it is so nice to have the back-to-school and work  routines down.  And it's exciting to gear up for the Fall and Winter holidays around the corner!

So, with all the busy events this season, what's your go-to outfit?  We all tend to have one... mine is skinny jeans, flats, a long-sleeve crew neck and a long cardigan.  If it's chilly, I will swap out the flats for my riding boots.  And, for casual dressy, I tend to switch out the crewneck with a fancier tank or beaded t-shirt.  This Fall, the Moto jacket is hot and I'm seeing it everywhere.  It looks adorable with a skinny leg and fun scarf or long necklace peeking out.  

If you tend to get bored with your go-to outfit, remember that the right accessories can keep your look fresh!  One day, add a scarf.  The next time you reach for your go-to outfit, lose the scarf and add a fun long pendant and sparkly stud earrings or a chunky cuff bracelet, like our "Cuff 'Em Partner."  Pictured here is our popular pendant, "The Gift" which is available in a variety of gemstones and is on sale now!

For days when you know you will be running around in cool temps and your jacket is on the whole time, remember to wear a pair of statement earrings!   Here's one of our favorite Fall picks, "Triple Crown" in Smokey Quartz... also on sale!

So, when you pick your go-to outfit this season, remember to have a few different accessories planned for keep your look refreshingly fun!  


Summer necklines set the stage for fun

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

Summer necklines... strapless dresses, tank tops with scoop necks, boat necks and deep v-necks all set their own unique stage for fun necklaces.  Here's a quick guide!

Strapless:  choker style barely-there necklaces draw attention to your dress, so if your attire is a print, has lots of texture or other flare, keep your necklace simple and short.  If your dress is simple- classic black or a bright hue- have fun with a statement necklace!  Large stones or a choker with several strands is a nice choice.

Scoop necks:  stick with a necklace that has no centerpiece.  Try a gemstone necklace with equally-spaced stones.  Another nice option is taking a 32"-36" length beaded or gemstone necklace and double it for added drama.

Boat necks:  stick with the 20-24" length.  If your top is striped, big round hoop necklaces play off the stripes great!  If you have a solid top or simple print, scattered gems on a simple chain or a single larger pendant are great options.

V-necks:  keep it simple with a v-style necklace.  A small pendant on a 16"-20" chain flatter a v-neck.


It's Summer! Now what do I wear?!

Posted on July 14, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

Introducing our guest blogger, Monisha Kapur!  Monisha learned to spot trends while working in the fast-paced fashion industry. Look for her fashion advice on her blog, Retail Therapy Couch. A native of New York City, Monisha currently lives in Upstate NY with her 5-year old daughter, aka “assistant buyer”, and wonderful husband.  

 By Monisha Kapur

The sun is shining, the temps are warm, pools are opening up and schools are rounding out another year… It all means, summer is here!!! With it comes graduations, weddings, barbeques, and good old vacationing. But, summer also brings its fair share of wardrobe challenges… I’ll admit, there have been many a vacation where I found myself wearing my Teva’s, a fanny pack and a bucket hat, yup, not so trendy… I’ve also attended quite a number of outdoor summer weddings where I’ve sweat so much, I turned into a puddle. Then realizing that wearing my black (yes, black) cocktail dress was not a good idea… Throughout the years I’ve learned a lesson or two, and figured out that you can stay on trend in the summer and the name of the game is- accessorizing. You can be comfy on vacation, look, and feel good, at a wedding or BBQ, and turn your look around with a cute scarf, nice shoes, sweet earrings, a fabulous necklace and more!!

Vacations are definitely about being comfortable, I’m not going to deny that. But know that you can be comfortable, stay on trend, AND separate yourself from the fanny pack masses… Pair Bermuda shorts in one of this season’s hottest colors, red, with a trend right stripe top, and drop earrings for just that right amount of pop.

Summer barbeques can be a challenge too. Throughout my career I’ve been invited to many BBQ’s that were hosted by my co-workers, bosses, networking events, friends of friends, etc. Not quite the affair for a bathing suit and swim goggles. So what to do? Slather on the sunscreen, and pair a white dress, another trend right color for the season, with a cool necklace for a cool summer look.

Now, go enjoy your summer!

Modern meets Traditional in one Artistic Genius

Posted on July 08, 2013 by Melissa O'Brien | 1 Comment

What does it take to be labeled an artistic genius?  For Susan Sidoriak, of Schwenksville, PA, it’s meant tenaciously following a passion for photography and design and becoming an all-around “packaging and bow-tying expert” all while raising two daughters.  Susan is the artistic genius behind the lovely photos, brand design and packaging for Melissa Dew and many other businesses.

After graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia as a Visual Communications Major, Susan’s career as a graphic designer has soared.  For the past 8 years, Susan’s company, Silver Box Creative, has designed, created, and photographed everything from wedding invitations and announcements, to logos and event styling.


Susan works closely alongside freelance artists, her husband, and office manager to ensure the end result is exactly what her clients had in mind.  “Our company was started in 2005 and has become such a big part of who I am,” says Susan.  “As an artist, I'm trusted with setting the tone for an event, a business brand and people's emotions. I don't take that lightly.” 

Susan’s love and dedication to her work is evident in her final products.  “Even before we gave birth to Melissa Dew, we were fans of Susan's photography and design work. It's modern and traditionally classic all at once, which is how we approach our jewelry design” Says Melissa Kapur, the co-founder and lead stylist at Melissa Dew.   “Working with Susan to create our brand design was such an exciting experience- she took our ideas and gave us options that were amazing. The process was genuinely enjoyable and helped up to further develop our brand image.”

Susan’s love for jewelry doesn’t hurt either!  “I tend to go for the great statement pieces. You know, the jewelry with some attitude,” Susan says when asked about her favorite kind of jewelry. 

Whether designing a new logo or photographing earrings for Melissa Dew, the time she spends and the enjoyment she receives from creating, building, and spreading her love for art is contagious.  “I believe in a stunning presentation but know that the substance behind it has to be just as good.  If you ask a client the right questions in order to get the job done, and consistently give them great work, over time they'll trust that you'll do what's best for them. In turn, creative freedom is your reward.” 

Check out Susan’s work on her website and explore her photography throughout our site!




Summer Jewelry's time to shine

Posted on June 01, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

I remember my grandmother and great-aunts waiting until Memorial Day to break out their ‘summer’ jewelry.  This consisted of primarily white enamel bangles, white stone earrings and beads with crystals and pale pastel stones.  I could still remember as a little girl holding my mom's hand and playing with her summer bangles.  

Times have changed- somewhat!  Gone are the days of putting away white clothes after Labor Day--  my Grandmother would gasp if she saw this fashion crime.  Yet there are still some gemstones and metals that tend to be even more flattering with summer wear. 

Rose gold is a great metal to compliment your summer look.  The metal is really less a true pink and more a soft bronze, which is reminiscent of the setting sun.  Think of rose gold doing for your complexion what a little bronzer does; it just highlights, warms and dazzles.


Sunset in Rosemont, features rose quartz set in 14k rose gold-plated sterling silver

A few of the stones that really sparkle in the summer sun are moonstone,  rose quartz, citrine, and the cool shades of chalcedony.  These stones also look great mixed together for a cool summery look.  Try them with your white jeans, cool maxi dress or short-shorts!  

Moonstone collection featuring Arm Candy, Sweet Simplicity, and Snowballs; Blue Chalcedony featured in Manicure Worthy and Declaration of Brilliance (pendant)



Difficult gift-giving... SOLVED!

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Melissa Kapur | 0 Comments

One of the things we truly enjoy at Melissa Dew is helping a customer discover the perfect gift.  Sometimes its the husband who says "No matter what I get her, she returns it, so I've given up!"  or "Jewelry is too intimidating!"  

With Mother's Day fast-approaching, some of us are faced with the dilemma of what to get Mom... she seems to have it all and the hand-drawn portraits of our youth will just not cut it today!    

Here's some ideas to help you find the perfect gift- whether it's for your wife, best friend, or Mom!

  • the birthstone is a great choice- but here's a twist on it- try the birthstone of her child or maybe even the expected grandchild!  
  • a great idea for your wife or maybe your parent's anniversary- the stone of the month she married!  
  • jewelry featuring a gemstone known for a certain quality- if Mom's battling an illness or a very challenging time try hematite or blue chalcedony, both are known for absorbing negative energy and promoting healing
  • rose quartz is a fantastic choice for any lady because it's often called the "love stone", promoting love of all types
  • when all else fails, we have a great pendant called The Gift for the sole reason we think it makes a great gift.  The rectangle stone looks like a pretty package and it comes in a variety of stones, one that is sure to please any discriminating lady!  And, who doesn't love a big pretty gem?!

If you're still stumped, contact us... we'll make sure she loves her gift!

"The Gift", citrine




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